National Dance Competition

Rules & Regulations

Nationals Official Rules and Regulations

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Please read carefully.  Failure to comply with the rules below could result in disqualification.


Thank you for choosing to compete with Fusion National Dance Competition as one of your Regional events.  Our 2018 Nationals will be held in Daytona Beach Fl June 20-24.  Please review the following qualifications and guidelines for attending our Nationals. 


  • A studio must attend a Fusion regional competition during the 2018 competition season.
  • Studio’s entries must achieve Platinum Star, Platinum, High Gold or Gold to attend Nationals.
  • If a studio does not attend a 2018 Regional Competition or if a particular entry was unable to compete at a regional and these entries would like to be considered for Nationals, a video may be submitted for consideration.  All video entries must be accompanied with National submission entry fees in the event that they are accepted into Nationals.  Entries not accepted will be refunded.  For more information regarding National Submission fees, please call or email our office.
  • All Nationals entries must be received in the Fusion office accompanied with payment, in full, 30 days from the Competition Date. 
  • All entries will remain in the same age and performance division for Nationals as they competed in for Regionals.
  • Entries may drop from a Production to Line, Line to Large Group, Large Group to Small Group, Small Group to Duo/Trio, Trio to Duo.  An entry many NOT compete as a solo if it competed as a Duo/Trio at Regionals.
  • One dancer substitution will be allowed for Duo/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines and Productions.  This change must be communicated with Directors.
  • Dancer of The Year National Title Competition:  Regional Title Winners will have their National Title fee waived. Regional Title Participants will have registration fee of $25. Dancers who did not compete for title at a Regional event, may compete at Nationals for Title, but the solo must have been adjudicated at a 2018 Regional competition.  A $50 title entry will apply to these dancers.




Nationals will consist of a panel of 3 judges during the preliminary round of competition.  Judges are working professionals, teachers and choreographers.  Judges will provide verbal critiques on video.  Judges scores will be provided in printed format at the conclusion of the preliminary competition.  Video critiques will be available to access online after Nationals. During the Challenge round of Nationals, Judges will provide a ranking of the Challenge routines. There will not be printed scores or video critiques from this final round of judging. In addition, the Challenge round will consist of a minimum of one new judge up to three new judges.

Solo Competition

Each dancer may compete up to 3 regionally adjudicated solos in different performance categories.  Only the highest scoring solo will appear in the overalls.
Please note, the Challenge, to occur on the final day of Nationals, will only include soloists who will be competing for Dancer of The Year. 

Dancer of The Year

The 2018 Dancer of The Year Title Competition is a separate event held at Nationals.  See above regs for registration fee information. Dancers must compete with the same solo entered during the regional competition.  If a soloist competes at multiple Regional’s and qualifies more than one solo, the soloist may only compete with one of the routines at Nationals. 

Dancer of The Year Selection Guidelines

*Scores will result from:  1)Solo Performance 2)Improvisation Performance
*The format of the Title Competition is subject to change at the discretion of the Director.  
*Each dancer will be grouped by age for the improv session.  Dancers are asked to appear on stage in basic dance wear, to improv to music selected by Staff.  Music will NOT be released prior to the competition and will allow for a lyrical, contemporary, jazz, open or hip-hop interpretation by the dancers.
*Each dancer's improv score will be combined with their solo score.
*Improv scores will be determined as follows based on a 100 point scale:  Technique = 25 points, Showmanship = 25 points, Originality = 25 points, Musicality = 25 points
*Dancers are required to attend a minimum of 2 Master Classes. 
*Dancers will be required to wear audition numbers during the improv session.
*From the above selection guidelines, the top (5) Female Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior dancers will go on to compete in the Challenge on the last day of Nationals. From the above selection guidelines, the top (5) Male dancers will go on to compete in the Challenge on the last day of Nationals. There must be a minimum of (3) dancers per age division for there to be an age classified Male Dancer of The Year. Otherwise, all male dancers will compete for the title of Male Dancer of The Year regardless of age. For example, if there are (3) Junior male dancers, (1) teen male dancer and (2) senior male dancers then the top (5) male dancers will be grouped together to compete for the title of Male Dancer of The Year.

Young Choreographers Challenge (YCC)

We invite all Young Choreographers, aged 18 and younger, to compete in this year’s Young Choreographers Challenge (YCC). The YCC will be held during our Nationals as a separate event and will provide the winning routine the opportunity to perform during our Challenge along with a cash prize of $250* (*cash prize presented with 6 or more entries, Star Bucks presented with 2-5 entries). In addition, the representing studio of the YCC Winner will receive a Star Buck certificate in the amount of $250. The entry fee is $100/routine. Each choreographer may only enter one routine. All dancers must be registered for our Nationals.

The following scoring guidelines will apply:

*Choreographer must be non-professional and of the age of 18 or younger
*Routine must consist of a minimum of 4 dancers. Choreographer may participate as a dancer.
*Routine must be no longer than 3 minutes in length.
*Routine will be scored on the following criteria for a total of 50 points/judge:

  • Supports Storytelling (10 pts) – How well does the choreography support the storytelling?
  • Creativity/Originality (10 pts) – How creative, interesting and original are the dance moves?
  • Level of Difficulty (10 pts) – How difficult is it to compose and stage the choreography?
  • Execution (10 pts) – Is the choreography cleanly executed?
  • Utilization of Space (10 pts) – How well does the choreographer utilize the space available?


The Challenge

*The last day of Nationals will include a showdown of the top scoring groups of the preliminary competition.
*The top (5 up to 8) scoring 11 & Under and top (5 up to 8) 12 & Over duo/trios, groups or lines from each performance division will re-compete in the Challenge for additional awards and cash prizes.  Each studio may have a maximum of (2) routines in each performance division (recreational, intermediate and elite) and age category (petite, junior, teen and senior).  If the same studio represents more than (2) of the highest scoring entries, we will move down the list to the 3rd, 4th, etc scores to fill all available slots.
*Duos/Trios must consist of at least one differing dancer in order for the two duo/trio’s from the same studio to be eligible for the Challenge.
*Small and Large Groups will be combined for each performance division and Lines and Productions will be combined for each performance division to allow more opportunity for studios to participate in the Challenge.
*There must be a minimum of (10) entries within the performance and type categories combined for (5) entries to compete.  If there are less than (10) entries, the actual number of entries to move on to the Challenge will be half plus one.  For example, if there a total of (6) entries in the 11 & Under small group age divisions, then (4) will move on to the Challenge.  Additionally, there must be a minimum of (3) entries in a Performance and Age Division in order to move on to the Challenge.  If there are more than (10) entries, for every (5) entries above (10) an additional slot will open to move on to the Challenge up to a maximum of (8) contenders per age/division. For example, if there are (20) total routines in the 11 & Under Intermediate Division for Small and Large Groups, then there will be a total of (7) routines competing in the 11 & Under Intermediate Small/Large Group Division during the Challenge.
*Only the top (5) Intermediate and Elite performance divisions will receive cash prizes and awards with the Recreational performance divisions receiving certificate vouchers and awards. Entries below the top (5), if any, will receive a trophy.


National awards for the preliminary competition will consist of award plaques, acrylic trophies and certificates given to the highest score in all General Categories (ie, Junior Intermediate Small Group) in both the Intermediate and Elite Performance Divisions.  Award plaques and acrylic trophies will be given in the Recreational Division.

National awards for the Challenge will consist of additional trophies and the following cash awards for the Intermediate and Elite performance divisions and certificate vouchers for the Recreational performance division:

Groups (including duos/trios, small/large groups, lines, productions)

1st Overall 2nd Overall 3rd Overall 4th Overall 5th Overall
Recreational $100 Certificate $75 Certificate $50 Certificate $25 Certificate $25 Certificate
Intermediate $100 Cash $75 Cash $50 Cash $25 Cash $25 Cash
Elite $100 Cash $75 Cash $50 Cash $25 Cash $25 Cash

*If there are less than 10 entries per type and division, the decision to award 2nd -5th place with cash and/or award certificates will be determined by the director(s) based on the number of entries.

Dancer of The Year                   $100 Cash
*There must be a minimum of 10 entries per age division or cash award will be substituted for award certificate.                                

General Rules and Guidelines


*It is up to the discretion of the Studio Director to determine the division placement of their dancers.  Routines that are obviously under-placed may be elevated by the Judges or Management.  All decisions are final. 

*In a mixed Recreational/Intermediate/Elite group routine, at least 50% of the dancers must be from the division they are competing in.  Routines that are moved to the Elite Division by Judges or Management will be exempt from this rule.

Technical Specifics & Guidelines

Recreational Division – For dancers with little or no competition experience who take 3 hours or less of class per week.   There will be no redeemable gift certificates or cash awards in this division.  There will be a presentation of top scores.

Intermediate Division – For dancers who take 4-8 hours of class per week and have participated in competitions for 3-5 years.

Elite Division – For dancers who take 9+ hours of class per week and have significant competition experience.

Pro/Am Division – For teachers and professional dancers.    A professional or teacher is defined as any individual that is being compensated for classes or choreography.  If a professional dancer or teacher competes in a routine, their routine must be in the Pro/Am division.  The Pro/Am division will be adjudicated only.  If there are 5 or more Pro/Am entries, a high score will be presented.  There will be no redeemable gift certificates in this division.  This division will be scored on the Elite Level Scoring system.

Type Time Limit Max # Dancers
Solo 2:45 (limit 3 solos per dancer, 3 different performance categories.
Only the highest scoring solo will appear in the top scores)
Duet/Trio 2:45
Small Group 3:00 4-9 Dancers
Large Group 4:00 10-19 Dancers
Line 5:00 20+ Dancers
Production 8:00 20+ Dancers

*Add’l minutes may be purchased if time exceeds limit.               
*No changes (Division, Age or Group) will be allowed after the Final Schedule is released without a Change Fee Charge being assessed.                                                                       


Determined by using average age of the dancer(s) as of January 1, 2018.  Do NOT round up.  Dancers maintain their Regional Age at the Finals.  You must recalculate the average age of a routine for Finals if any of the dancers in a routine changes. Studios are required to register each dancer's DOB.  If at any time, an age is questionable, a copy of a dancer's birth certificate may be requested. If, after confirmation of the DOB, the age has been found to be incorrect, this can result in the removal of award or title from the dancer(s).

Petite:  8 & under      
Junior:  9-11               
Teen:  12-14       
Senior:  15-19               
Adult:  20 & Older (May compete as Recreational or Intermediate. Entry will be adjudicated.  Overall Award will not be given unless there are 5 or more entries.)

Adjudication Criteria & Awards

All solos, duet/trios and groups will be judged on a point system.  In the case of a tie, the Judges will select the high score winner.  Each studio will receive a video critique of their studio’s routines.  The video critique will be accessible 30 days after the event via the online studio center.


Each performance will receive up to 100 points per judge on the following criteria:

Technique 35pts
Execution 25pts
Choreography 20pts
Stage Presence 15pts
Costume Appearance 5pts

Scoring Scale

Elite Division Intermediate Division Recreational Division
Platinum Star 293-300
Platinum 283-292.9 278-300 273-300
High Gold 273-282.9 263-277.9 253-272.9
Gold 263-272.9 248-262.9 233-252.9
High Silver 262.9 & Below 247.9 & Below 232.9 & Below

General Awards

Each entry will be adjudicated and receive an award indicating their entry’s achievement based on the scoring system for each level of competition.

Overall Top Awards

Overall Awards will be presented to the TOP scoring entries in each level of competition.   Fusion will determine if the Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 or the Top Overall 1st place entry will be recognized during the Overall Awards.  This will be based on the number of entries at the regional competition.

Preliminary National Cash Award Chart (Intermediate & Elite Divisions)

The top overall placements are eligible for cash or certificate voucher awards.  In general, for competitions with 250+ routines, overall awards will be monetary, under 250 routines, overall awards will be voucher certificates.  Additionally, there must be a minimum of 15 solo/duo-trio entries per age/division and 10 group (small, large, line, production) for cash to be awarded. *Vocal top overall placements may be combined and awarded in the 11&Under and 12&Over age divisions.

Award Amount
Solo $50
Duo/Trio $75
Groups $100
Vocal* $25

Achievement Awards

Our judges will select certain outstanding performances for achievement awards.

Studio Awards

Most Entertaining Award

By audience vote, one routine will be selected as “Most Entertaining” and will receive a trophy and a certificate voucher.
*This award may not apply to all competition cities.

Sportsmanship Award

The staff will choose the one studio that best displays overall courtesy and support to all of their fellow competitors.  This studio will be presented with the Sportsmanship Plaque.

Creativity Award

The Creativity Award, is presented to one routine that our judges deem as being a stand out performance based on the choreography and creativity of the dance.  There will be two winners chosen for this award, one from the 11 & under age division and one from the 12 & over age division.  The winners of this award will receive a beautiful plaque and a jacket sponsored by Urbanwear.com.

Star Power Award

Every competing studio’s Top 3 highest scores from the group segment of the competition for all three performance divisions (Recreational, Intermediate, Elite) will be tabulated.  During the final group awards session, the one studio with the highest point total from the Recreational, Intermediate and Elite performance division will be named the The Star Power Studio Winner.  In the event of the tie, we will add in succession, each studio’s next highest scoring group entry until the tie is broken.  For Nationals, The Star Power Award will be based on the preliminary competition results for each performance division but will result in a larger award amount along with a trophy. There must be a minimum of 250 routines in order for cash to be issued, otherwise a certificate voucher will be presented.

Recreational $250 Certificate
Intermediate $250 Cash
Elite $250 Cash
Ballet Includes classical or contemporary ballet technique. Ballet slippers only.
Pointe Includes classical or contemporary pointe technique and steps. Pointe shoes only.
Lyrical Routine should demonstrate balance, extension, isolations and control using contemporary lyrical moves set to the mood or lyrics or the music.
Contemporary Routine incorporates lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.
Modern Includes modern technique movements.
Jazz Routine consists of traditional jazz movements and technique.
Tap Routine must contain tap technique.
Cloggin Routine utilizes either traditional or contemporary clogging technique and style.
Parent Recreational parent category.
Vocal Includes vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be on cd. No lead vocals permitted on cd, backup voices will only be permitted.

*In the above performance categories, only three gymnastic tricks are permissible.  A deduction of 1 point per judge will result for routines that do not comply.  Minimum lip syncing and talking are permitted if a character is not portrayed.

Hip Hop Includes street or jazz funk technique. No suggestive moves or inappropriate music allowed.
Open Routine consisting of any of our listed categories or combinations of listed category styles.
Musical Theatre A routine interpreting a song from a Broadway or Movie Musical.
Acro-Dance Routine combining gymnastics and dance choreography. Must contain at least 50% dance choreography.
Pom Pon Routine is performed with pom pons for at least 75% of the routine.
Production A routine that consists of 20 or more dancers utilizing props, sets and a main theme.
Music ALL music must be directly uploaded through DanceComp Genie Registration process no later than the Friday Week prior to the competition weekend.
Speed control will not be adjusted and recording should be of good quality.
Backup music is required and may be submitted in the following formats utilizing the final schedule routine numbers:
*Backup CDs – one routine per CD. CD must be labeled with routine number and name.
*USB/Flash Drive – routines must be listed with routine number and name.
All backup music must be labeled with your studio name and turned in at the beginning of the competition to the sound manager located at the Judges Table. Music left behind by the studio will be left at the venue.


Competition Schedule

*A confirmation of your studio’s entries will be accessible through your online studio center.  Please review and insure entries are in the proper categories, performance levels and age divisions.  Once the final schedule is completed, the ability to make changes and/or corrections is considerably limited, if not impossible.  If changes are requested once the final schedule has been released, a $5 change fee will be assessed.  This fee must be paid by credit card at the time the change(s) is made.  All changes must be submitted in writing via email.

*When possible, every Regional schedule is based on the breakdown of entries by division level and type (solo, duet/trio, groups, lines and productions) for that particular city.  Dancer must be ready to perform 1 hour before their scheduled time. 

*Performers must compete on designated day, time, and in scheduled order, unless a schedule change has been pre-arranged with the Fusion office.  Routines that compete outside of their scheduled day, time, or order will be eligible for adjudication only.

*A final schedule will be available via the online studio center to each studio 3 days (or before if available) prior to the first day of competition. 

*Critiques are provided in the form of videos with an overall report providing a Judges score for each routine.  The printed score sheet will be available upon the conclusion of the competition.  The video routines will be available the week after the competition via your online studio account. National critiques are provided in the form of videos for the preliminary round of competition along with printed score sheets. These critiques will be made available online no later than the week after the competition via your online studio account with Dance Comp Genie. There will not be video critiques or score sheets made available for the Challenge round of competition.


*The  placement  and removal of props, mats, etc., must be completed within 1 minute.  No form of liquid, gel, glitter or other substance may be used that would affect the dancing surface.  No items may be thrown or shot off the front of the stage.  Props should not be built backstage (see Stage manager for accommodations).  Performers cannot stand above 6’6” on the prop.  Props which exceed 10’6” in height cannot be guaranteed to fit on stage.  Fusion will not supply power.


*Coaching of performers from the wings is prohibited. 


*Good sportsmanship is expected from performers, students, parents and the general audience at all times.  Horns, whistles and other noisemakers are not allowed in the theatre.  Failure to adhere to these rules may result in point deduction and/or disqualification. Fusion reserves the right to eject from the premises any spectator or participant deemed to be acting in an inappropriate or disruptive manner.

Food & Beverage

*Unless permission is posted by the theatre, no food or drinks are to be brought into the auditorium, dressing or backstage areas.

Family Environment

*This is a family event, sexually explicit dance or music will not be tolerated.


*Soloists may compete in up to three solos.  Only the highest scoring solo will appear in the top overall scores.  There is no limit to the number of group entries a studio may perform.  However, if a studio enters a group routine containing the same performers in the same category, only the highest scoring routine will appear in the top scores.  All routines will be adjudicated.


*Except for technical difficulties on the part of Fusion, re-performance of any routine will be adjudicated only.

Video & Photography

*For the safety of the performers, no video cameras or photo/still cameras will be allowed during performances.  Fusion contracts the services of a photographer and/or videographer as a convenience to parents, teachers and studio directors.  The use of any type of camera or video camera during the competition may result in a point deduction, the disqualification of a number or the disqualification of a studio.  Please inform parents of this rule to avoid conflicts.  You may use flash photography and video cameras during the awards ceremony.

*All registered contestants grant permission to Fusion and its representatives to publish their photos/videos on local or national television, promo videos, marketing material, the internet or any other visual media as deemed fit by Fusion in an effort to promote its competitions and/or conventions.

*All photography/videos taken by Fusion Productions and/or any independent representative commissioned by Fusion become the property of Fusion.  Fusion reserves the right to sell said photography/videos at competition events and online for purchase on dvd, usb or by download.


*Fusion, its staff, the hotel, theatre or site of the competition will not be responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating or attending these events.  Choosing to compete in a dance competition assumes inherent risks including but no limited to sprains, bruises, pulled and sore muscles and broken bones.  In addition, Fusion cannot be held responsible of unforeseen flaws in theatre stages that may inadvertently lead to the causing of an accident.   Participants and Spectators agree not to hold Fusion Dance Competition LLC, its officers or staff responsible for injuries, illnesses or damages sustained while participating in any activity related to a Fusion Dance Competition LLC event.  It is the responsibility of the dance teacher and or person in charge of the participating entries to educate them and other attendees from their studio as to these rules and policies.

*Fusion reserves the right, when necessary, to relocate a competition site and/or make changes to competition days/times.  Fusion reserves the right to cancel any event due to lack of registration, weather, or other unforeseen circumstance.

*Each dancer must have on file with Fusion, a Parental Waiver form.  This form may be obtained from our website on the Registration Page as well as directly from your studio center with Dance Comp Genie.  Forms should be submitted no later than the opening of the competition at the merchandise table. 


*All performers and attendees consent to the use of photos and videos for marketing and advertising purposes including but not limited to print, web and other media outlets.


*All entries must be submitted and HALF of fees must be paid 30 days in advance of each event via the online registration system. The balance of fees must be paid in FULL no later than 2 weeks from event date.

*Fusion will accept independent entries.  Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis and must be postmarked or submitted online by the entry deadline. Entries will be accepted until allotted competition time is filled. Entries will not be added to the schedule until full payment and complete entry forms are received in the Fusion office. Entry fees may be paid via credit card, money order, certified checks or Fusion award certificates. If using Fusion award certificate as a form of payment, the original certificate must be received in the office 10 calendar days before event; photocopies will not be honored. No personal checks will be accepted. Returned checks will be assessed a $35 fee. Award certificates credited against entry fees via online system must also be postmarked no more than 3 business days after entries are submitted.

*Award certificates credited against entry fees but not received in our office by stated deadline are deemed invalid and any amounts previously credited will become due immediately. Award certificates (including dollar value of certificates to be applied) not submitted with entries will not be honored. Award certificates credited against entry fees but not received in the Fusion office 10 calendar days before event are overdue and any amounts previously credited will become due immediately.

*Under no circumstances will refunds be issued for submitted entries. In the event one is unable to perform due to a documented injury or illness, Fusion may issue an award certificate to be used at the 2018 Nationals or a 2019 Regional competition. The decision to issue an award certificate for unused entry fees is solely at the discretion of the director.

*Fusion reserves the right to expand an event, move a location, or cancel an event as necessary. In the event that it becomes necessary for Fusion to cancel a regional due to low participation, weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons, a full refund for entry fees paid will be issued within 10 business days of the cancellation. Studios may, at their discretion, choose to apply any refunds due to another Fusion regional, a rescheduled Fusion regional or our Nationals. 

*Fusion does not accept personal checks.  All fees must be paid by credit card, cashiers check or money order.

*All studio registrations must include payment.

*Loyalty Discount:  Please register for a Studio Center Account for information regarding Discounts or Studio Director may contact management at info@FusionNDC.com.