2022 Regionals

Regarding all events, please note: 
1 - Due to the uncertainty of how COVID will affect 2022 events, Fusion is prepared to run under block scheduling and/or under 'normal' conditions. We will provide the type of event format in advance. If we run the event under block scheduling, we will have a live overalls presentation which will be limited to just a few participants per studio on the final day and final session of the event.
2 - Please be prepared to compete Friday/Saturday/Sunday whether it is block or normal scheduling.
3 - We are unable to take day and time requests. As much as we would prefer to put all studios on Saturday and Sunday, we cannot. If you have extenuating circumstances, please feel free to make a specific day request. However, please also know that we may not be able to honor each and every request.

4 - Based upon the conditions at the time of your event, we may also require masks, temp checks and limited attendance. We will provide you the policies in advance of the event.
Thank you for your understanding.