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Photo & Video

By A Cut Above The Rest Productions

The use of recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited in the auditorium and backstage. Fusion does not allow the use of audience photography or videography of onstage performances for the protection of our competitors. We urge all studio owners, teachers and especially parents to assist in keeping our performers photographically safe. The use of cameras may lead to point deductions and/or disqualification. When possible, a professional photographer and/or videographer will be on site.

If no photographer and/or videographer is on site at a competition, Fusion will inform studios prior to the event. Studios will be able to assign one video representative to film their entries only. The representative must pick up the video badge provided in the Director’s folder and must film in the designated area only.

An Optional Media Fee of $40/dancer is automatically added to each registration per dancer. This media deal is only available prior to the event and all dancers within each studio must participate in order to receive this discounted price.

If you do not want to participate in this Media Special Offer Savings, please email and request the media fee be removed PRIOR TO the event and PRIOR TO final payment of fees as we are unable to refund media fees. All videos and photos purchased through the media fee will be emailed to the studio director directly by the official media provider, A Cut Above The Rest Productions, 2 weeks after the event.


Please contact A Cut Above The Rest Productions for questions or concerns regarding photos and/or videos.


A CUT ABOVE THE REST is the official photo/video provider for the
Fusion National Dance Competition tour.


(818) 835-3344

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