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At the heart and soul of the Fusion Fam, we want to be able to 'give back' to the community. Therefore, #RISE UP was created to help others. Please read about this program below. A portion of our Face of Fusion Fees helps to support this program.

Impact Through The Arts Scholarship Program


Fusion is excited to announce that we have partnered with Alyssa Beasley, Miss Georgia 2017/Miss Georgia USA 2020, whose platform was promoting #RiseUp: Impact Through The Arts. #RiseUp: Impact Through The Arts is a movement not only to be personally involved in providing dance opportunities to disadvantaged and disabled children but to enlist and be a voice to encourage others to do the same. At a time in our society in which cultural arts are being reduced in our public schools, many children do not have the opportunity to participate in dance, music or art programs. Research suggests that not only is dance in particular good for a child physically, but it shows that it provides mental and social skills that may not otherwise be gained without it.

At Fusion, we are in support of this philosophy and are excited to offer the #RiseUp: Impact Through The Arts Scholarship Program. We will be providing to eligible studios, competition registration remission to financially disadvantaged and/or disabled students. A studio may apply once per season by completing the Scholarship application. There is a $500 limit per studio per season. Applications must be completed and submitted 30 days in advance of the Fusion event attending.

To apply, please download the #RiseUp: Impact Through The Arts Scholarship Application Form or give us a call for more information @ 866-Fusion4 or email us at

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